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High quality safety gloves

Our top quality grade gloves are produced by a family owned gloves Factory. The factory and attached buildings cope a surface of 155,000 m2 of which 125,000 m2 are only for gloves manufacturing where there work 1958 employees. Factory equipment: HPPE raw material producer machines, HPPE spinning machines, automatic / intellective dipping machines, vending packaging machines, automatic pair packing machines, etc. There out 19.2 million pairs every year from our factory to several markets worldwide. We have our own testing lab to control gloves quality at every time and stage and certified ISO 9001 Quality Control by BSI.

Sanitized gloves


Feel the difference of the treated odor-resistant articles. Daily activity: At home, at work, while shopping or during sport, the hygiene function ensures a feeling of freshness all day long. This treatment is integrated into the textile and offers long-lasting, safe and fresh wearing comfort—all day, every day. the anti-microbial treatment maintains freshness wherever you are letting you feel completely comfortable


Relax completely with our treated articles. Comfort exists when you feel safe and completely relaxed. The effectiveness of the integrated hygiene function is long-lasting and reliable. It is applied to products during production and guarantees a lasting effect for the life of the product, creating a sense of well-being, effectively and durably. This means comfort, long-lasting freshness and more peace of mind.


The anti-microbial treatment protective finish for lasting freshness. The integrated hygiene function reliably and permanently equips against bacterial and fungal growth depending on individual needs. By preventing unsightly mildew spots not only the optical appearance is retained but also the material structure. Unappealing mold stains do not appear and you benefit from an extended useful life.

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