OxyLux 60-80

✔ 15G nylon/spandex with a new generation foam nitrile palm coating glove.
✔ High quality glove that combines design and performance for precision handling.
✔ Available from size 5 to 11.
✔ Ultra lightweight glove with great elasticity and making hand movements easier.
✔ Excellent breathability, getting the maximum comfort during long periods of use.
✔ The user will keep the hands dry, even in warm conditions.
✔ Greater hygiene thanks the anti-microbial Sanitized® treatment.
✔ Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® standard 100.


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Additional information
144 pairs per box \ 12 pairs per polybag
Supplied with hang tag (individual)
Available on request: Glove displays
Data sheet


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  • What does OekoTex® mean?

    Thys symbol means that the product was tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® standard 100. You can be certain that every component of this glove was tested for harmfull substance and therefore is harmless for health. This test is conducted by an independient partner institute and take into account several regulated and non-regulated substances.

  • What does Sanitized® treatment mean?

    Sanitized® treatment contributes to a Improvement in Hygiene Safety. It keeps odours to minimum and it is like a deodorant to maintain your gloves fresher longer. You will be safe and protected.

    Sanitized is safe for the environment and for man and fulfills the strict requirements and needs for applications in the industry. This hygiene function protects the gloves constasntly even between cleaning cycles.

    • It is durable and safe even after intensive use.
    • Hinders reproduction of bacteria; unpleasant odors do not develop.
    • Provides long-lasting freshness.
    • It increases the useful life of the gloves
    • It offers more wearing enjoyment during all types of activities.
    • Encourages ecological awareness
  • What sizes are available?

    Our gloves usually are available in sizes 6-11, but the glove 60-80 is exceptionally available also in size 5

  • How can I buy Digitx gloves
    We do not supply products directly to the end-user rather our gloves are available through our international partners. Please, send us an email and We will advice you about a distributor in your country or area: [wpforms id="1545"]