RacerLux 60-32

✔15G black nylon-lycra with black supper  thiner foam nitrile with black foam nitrile fully coating glove. Sinthetic glove,  nitrile foam.
✔Soft feel lining.
✔Excellent dexterity, sensivity and tactility.
✔Good grip and fit.
✔Extended protection and precision handling in oil, greasy and dirty environments.
✔Easy on and off flexibility between tasks.
✔Gloves are suitable for multi-purpose use.
✔Water resistant.


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Additional information
144 pairs per box \ 12 pairs per polybag
Supplied with hang tag (individual)
Available on request: Glove displays
Data sheet


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  • What sizes are available?

    Our gloves usually are available in sizes 6-11, but the glove 60-80 is exceptionally available also in size 5

  • How can I buy Digitx gloves
    We do not supply products directly to the end-user rather our gloves are available through our international partners. Please, send us an email and We will advice you about a distributor in your country or area: [wpforms id="1545"]