64-71 Torn-o-lux64-71 New! Level F
64-71 Torn-o-lux64-71 New! Level F

Tornolux-N 64-71

✔ Cut resistant glove 13G cut glove with micro-foam nitrile.
✔ The hightest ISO 13997 cut level F and ANSI CUT A8 glove.
✔ Certified for thermal risks: 100ºC heat contact.
✔ T
he highest cut protection but still soft, flexible and comfortable.
✔ Ideal for heavy duty work and critical cut/blade hazards.
✔ Great grip.
✔ Super oil resistance.
✔ Sanitized® hygiene function.
✔ Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex®.
✔ Washable.