ArmoLux Palm 62-10

✔ 15G nylon/spandex liner with black nitrile microfoam palm coated with embossing.
✔ Certified against mechanical risks and for thermal risks (100ºC contact heat).
✔ Seamless liner and ergonomic design assure a maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue.
✔ Back of the hand is uncoated for good breathability.
✔ Micro foam nitrile coating offers absolutely breathability.
✔ Excellent dexterity, sensivity and tactility.
✔ Very good grip: Raised stripes to increase durability and additional grip.

CutFort 64-60

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✔  Cut protection 18G UHMWPE nylon liner, nitrile palm coated.
✔  Certified according EN407 up to 100ºC contact heat.
✔  18G exclusive lining technology contributing it the thinnest and finest cut B nitrile glove.
✔ Over 30% lighter than a standard cut B ntirile glove.
✔ Maximum touch, as our second skin.
✔ Super grip in both dry and oily working conditions.
✔  Greater hygiene thanks the Sanitized® treatment.
✔  Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® standard 100.

✔ Washable.


64-24 DryCut-N New

DryCut-N 64-24

✔ Cut and heat protection 18G UHMWPE(staple fibre)/steel/polyester/spandex liner with first full nitrile smooth coated plus nitrile sandy finish palm coated glove
✔ Excellent cut protection: level C.
✔ Certified for thermal risk up to 100ºC contact heat.
✔ Very good grip: Palm and fingertips made of rough nitrile.
✔ The rough powered finish improves the glove’s grip.
✔ APPLICATIONS Grasping of objects in greasy or damp enviroments.

64-70 Torn-o-Lux Level F

Torn-o-Lux® 64-70

✔ Cut resistant glove 13G UHMWPE/steel/glass liner, nitrile palm coated.
✔ The hightest ISO 13997 cut level F and ANSI CUT A8 glove.
✔ Certified for thermal risks: 100ºC heat contact.
✔ T
he highest cut protection but still soft, flexible and comfortable.
✔ Ideal for heavy duty work and critical cut/blade hazards.
✔ Great grip.
✔ Super oil resistance.
✔ Sanitized® hygiene function.
✔  Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex®.
✔ Washable.